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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we live right down the road. >> the shots rang out just after 6:00 last night at this house on woodland church road. this afternoon, no one was home when we stopped by. culpepper county sheriff's investigators say 21-year-old delonte jones from prince george's county and 18-year-old amber eli of orange, virginia, knocked on the door asking for help with their car. the resident refused. >> as he attempted to shut t into the residence. and struck the homeowner with a weapon. a struggle ensued. and the homeowner was able to take control of the weapon and discharge one round. >> jones was hit in the stomach and died at the hospital. neighbors tell me they heard multiple gunshots. >> i heard like nine, seven, eight, nine gunshots, and that's
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>> amber is under arrest and now in custody, facing criminal charges of attempted robbery and burglary with a use of a deadly weapon. video from a surveillance camera on a neighbor's house shows a black car driving away. investigators believe two others were inside the car and have posted a lookout for them. >> we believe at this point there are four people involved. >> ahead, will the resident who shot and killed delonte jones here be facing any criminal reporting from culpepper, virginia, chris gordon, news 4. >> breaking news that our mark segraves reported on twitter. there's been an arrest in the murder of a man in a parking lot in a shopping center in manassas. plooes arrested roberta brandern. she's accused in the death in cordray jackson on tuesday. police tell us the victim was involved in a fight with the suspect and another man.
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out of a job following sex abuse allegations. archbishop carol high school in northwest d.c. said it fired jimmy agustin. d.c. police arrested him yesterday, saying he engaged with sexual contact with a female add the school at least two separate times in recent months. he was listed at head athletic trainer and science teacher on the school's website. in a statement, they said agustin previously background check and after learning of thealigations, they immediately removed him from work and terminated his employment. >> members of congress took aim at the leadership of metro after allegations that metro employees ignored safety problems and falsified inspection reports. the ntsb board says those actions contributed to a derailment last summer at the east falls church metro station. mark segraves live outside the cleveland park metro station tonight with more details for
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that hearing today by subcommittee of the transportation committee and the u.s. congress didn't resolve any of metro's issues today, but it did give members of congress an opportunity to blast metro. >> it can't be tolerated anymore. this is our fourth hearing. i'm tired of hearings. i'm tiring of excuses. i'm tired of us going back and forth to look at these issues and say, well, if you just give us a little more time, we'll get it well, it's not a fine wine. it does improve with wine. >> that was the tone for the entire 2 1/2-hour hearing. members of congress expressing frustration that metro continues to have problems. >> maybe we could reterm this hearing, let's make washington metro great again. >> for many of the members of congress, the top issue was an ntsb report revealing metro
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to the derailment at the east falls church metro station last summer. >> to hear the report of falsified records is just mind blowing. >> started a criminal investigation. i have hired two independent prosecutors that investigation is still open. >> much of northern virginia congressman jerry conley's angst was reserved for jack evans who has said that the district would veto plans to cut metro hours and threatened to cut services didn't come up with more money to funt the transit system. >> when you threaten on that board to close down the largest single connection to metro in northern virginia -- your remarks were calculated to be helpful to us, is that right? or were you just playing games to appeal to somebody in maybe your jurisdiction? >> we have a $290 million shortfall this year that will
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lecture about the current condition of metro, i know it intimately, but your comments and those of mr. price were cheap and reckless and have huge implications on my side of the river. >> it's clear to me now that neither virginia nor maryland will do a dedicated funding source anytime in the future and it's unlikely we'll get federal help. how are we going to afford to operate the silver line to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollar as year when we're losing already? i think the answer, congressman, and you and i are on the same page on this. >> i don't think we are. >> no, we need more funding from the jurisdictions. >> the virginia congressman is considered to be an ally for district leader whose have no vote in congress, but today, he warned dwiktd leaders they risk losing his support if they continue these types of threats. coming up at 6:00, it wasn't only metro officials congress
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say about the safety regulates with oversight over metro. >> and more familiar faces pass through the doors of trump tower today, but the president-elect isn't expected to announce any new cabinet picks until next week. however, he did stun his transition team when he let one announcement slip out early during his victory rally in ohio. trump telling the crowd he's moving forward with plans to nominate retired marine general james "mad dog" mattis as secretary of defense and will makeha monday. florida attorney general pam bondi, an early trump ally, met with the future president today, batting away speculation about a potential role in the trump administration. says she's happy with her current job. and a recount of presidential votes is moving ahead today in wisconsin. despite a lawsuit to block it. trump supporters challenged the count, calling it unconstitutional because ballots are not treated equally in all cases. and in michigan, the election
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that means it will start next week unless the courts intervene. if not, the recount requested by green party candidate jill stein begins on tuesday or wednesday. >> the presidential election just a few weeks behind us, and virginians are already looking at the next big race. the race for governor in 2017. it's one of only two in the entire nation next year, so the stakes are high for both parties. today, virginia business leaders got a look at all five julie carey was there. >> on the democratic side, lieutenant governor ralph norcome stands alone, but four candidates are seeking the gop nomination. two very familiar to northern virginians. prince william county chairman cory stewart, and ed gillespie. along with frank wagner and congressman rob wittman, they made their pitch on economic development to the virginia chamber of commerce. but there is another name that
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donald trump. >> virginia is like lee to be seen as a referendum on the first year of donald trump. >> today, both stewart and wagner sought to underscore their relationship with the president-elect. stewart fiercely loyal, made headlines when the campaign fired him as its virginia chairman back in october for taking things too far. >> trump knows that i continue to be loyal to him. i have had some interaction with some administration since then. we're fine. >> ed gilespy, who has already won support of many virginia state lawmakers and raised the most money is seen as the early front-runner, but his support of trump more lukewarm. >> i'm confident i'll unify republicans and we'll take a unified party to the general election next year. >> the democrat sees an opportunity, too, to push back against the nastiness that defined the presidential race. >> we're in a process where we need to be healed. there's no better person to heal than a doctor. i'm going to bring some civility to the race next year.
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benefit most from a trump effect in 2017. in williamsburg, virginia, julie carey, news 4. a cool day today, but a little above average, at least in the city. to the west of the blue ridge, cloudy skies and much cooler conditions, by about 10 degrees. take a look at the numbers right now. you can still see the mountains have trended to the east, temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50. 51, richmond, 48 in d.c. behind the mountains, cooler air across the mid-atlantic and that's what we're going to see overnight tonight and right into the next couple days. a chilly night tonight when you're out and about. a much colder pattern setting up. no more 60s coming in anytime soon, and we'll be hard pressed to get to the 50s. tracking our next storm, that coming early next week, and then winter really moves in. high temperatures only in the 30s. windchills in the 20s. and that kind of weather wants to stick around for a while.
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>> when you get in your car, you trust that that seat belt is going to hold you when you crash. afford today issues a major recall. we'll tell you if it impacts your vehicle coming up. and santiago de cuba is preparing to receive the remains of fidel castro. just ahead on news 4, we'll bring you a live report and show you what the folks here are preparing for and why for many here it's more significant than other parts of the island nation. that's ahead. >> also coming up, is yo christmas tree up? well, maybe you're putting it up this weekend. while you do, we want to know what's your favorite holiday song? we're going to take a quick
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a three-day-long proceson castro is nearing its end in santiago de cuba. the car avan left from havana early tuesday, traveling more than 500 miles across that island nation, and david culver made the same drive. he joins us now just ahead of the arrival. david. >> hey, there, wendy. coming to you from santiago de cuba. the plaza of the revolution. 24 hours from now, this will be packed with thousands of people
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you can see they're getting ready, setting up the stage, chairs set up ready for dignitaies who will come in. all of this while his remains are still en route. a three-day journey from havana to here. more than 500 miles. thousands lining the streets for just a few seconds. what's normally a 12-hour drive across country taking nearly twice as long. cuban military and state police shutting down the country's central highway. castro's remains pass by. the journey, a reversal of the same trek castro took in 1959, claiming victory for the revolution. for this multi-day funeral procession, thousands of cubans packing the streets for miles upon miles. carrying faces of the revolution's leader. the same faces that haunt cuban americans who were forced to flee. but for many cubans living on
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emotions. i asked this woman, why are you crying? because i loved him. he was like a father figure, she told me. more than anything, cubans -- >> i think you're going to be surprised. >> cuban filmmaker carlos rodriguez grew up in the eastern part of cuba. he says the emotions here are far more visible than in havana because this is the place castro called home. >> for belonged to the city, and the city thinks that fidel belongs to them. >> carlos points out not everyone we found packing the streets long into the raining night are fidel loyalists. >> there are people who don't totally agree with fidel castro. and many cubans do, you know, but he was in power for almost 50 years. and he was the ruler.
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>> you see those lines of thousands of people who filed into the streets waiting for that procession to come by. what is interesting is when you talk to locals and ask them to compare, say, fidel's 49 years of ruling this country to his brother raul, who is the current president. their take on that is something you'll want to hear, what they see as progress. that's ahead on news 4 at 6:00. hope to see you then. >> david, i know you have flown over cuba before, but now to you a different perspective, what it's like to be on the ground there going between one major city and the next, and all of this island in between? >> i tell you, it's almost as though havana is one city. everything outside of havana very different. much more rural. what really was interesting was comparing the emotions. in the capitol city, it was as if people were showing up to some of the tributes. you didn't see the tears we
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driving here overnight. we didn't get in until after 2:00 in the morning and folks were in tears, lining the streets into the darkness as it was raining. didn't matter. they were determined to be there. interesting to compair. >> an interesting adventure and journey. thank you, david. >> and david will be in cuba throughout the weekend, covering the processional that is carrying castro's ashes and then covering his funeral. you can also follow twitter. >> we have a massive seat belt recall to tell you about tonight. ford is recalling close to 700,000 cars after a potentially dangerous defect was found. consumer reporter susan hogan joins us with developing details. >> ford is aware of two accidents and two injuries associated with the defective seat belts. the recall involves 680,000 ford
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the models include the 2013 through 2016 fusion, and the twen tlaent through 2016 lincoln mkx. it stems from tensions that can overheat and cause the cable to snap during deployment in a crash. in a statement, ford tells us the issue may inadequately restrain an occupant in a crash, increasing the risk of now, the repair requires injecting a coating to insulate the cables from heat and to prevent further breakage. if you own one of these vehicles, you will be notified shortly. >> thank you. >> some parents in maryland are rushing their kids to the doctors after a teenager stuck students with a diabetic needle. this happened in harvard county. police say the 15-year-old randomly struck at least 17
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office, the needle belonged to the students family member. the teen allegedly told investigators it was just a joke. >> we believe at this point he thought it was humorous. >> my son got tested. they said they're not going to be able to determine anything for three to six months. so i'm going to have to continually take him back to john hopkins and have him tested. >> the school system says the student has been disciplined and the sheriff's office says there could be more victims. the determine if criminal charges will be filed. >> students in fairfax county will head back to class before labor day. the school board approved the new calendar next week. the state's so-called kings dominion law required schools to start class after labor day to help boost tourism, but individual school boards can ask for waivers if they meet certain requirements. fairfax county has acquired enough snow days to qualify for a waiver. classes will now start on august 28th in 2017.
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passed decades ago to give families an extra week of vacation. >> and some parents in louden county are lobbying for a calendar change of their own. they want the kids to have a day off so they can attend president-elect donald trump's inauguration on january 21st, that's a friday. the school board is taking up the issue after requests from some parents. they say they prefer to hold classes as usual that day. in 2008, the school board did vote to cancel school for terrorist walked into a holiday christmas party and killed 14 of his colleagues. >> we may never know why he did it, but today, the victims are honored with a ride to remember. >> body camera footage has emerged showing the moment a maryland police officer shot an unarmed man in the back.
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well, it's going to be two more years before you can go to the top of the washington monument. 2019, that's when the elevator issues will be fixed. today, the national park service announced it's getting the money to fix it once and for all. the park service says philanthropist david rubenstein is donating the money to fix the mechanical, electrical, and computer issues.
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in 2011 after the earthquake, he donated half of the $15 million that was needed to repair it. >> wow. >> nice guy. >> just get this done. exactly. doug was down there, ground side yesterday. boy, did you have an amazing view. >> it was. i had friends down there earlier today. it's on the breezy side down along the mall. temperatures today only in the 40s to low 50s, and yeah, you had the wind out there, too. gusting upwards of 25 vantage point towards national harbor. a beautiful shot there. of course, the mgm opening up soon. there's the capitol wheel right there, looking great. you can see the bridge right there off in the distance. currently 48 degrees. look at the wind. northwest at 20 miles per hour. that gives us a windchill across the region, so yeah, it's going to be a chilly one for tonight for sure. already down to 39 in winchester, 45 in manassas, 43,
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if you're going out tonight, make sure to bundle up. radar picture, nothing to show. not talking rain anytime soon. but what we are tracking is a storm system just to our north. you can see clouds making their way in. the mountains really helping us today, two-fold. one gives us a downsloping wind and that helps to heat things up across the region. also, it kept the clouds at bay. the clouds not making their way over the blue ridge. to the west, plenty of clouds and snow and some right down the great lakes in towards our region. so of course, that's going to be a cooler flow. we're in for a changing weather pattern. no more warm days, at least we don't see any anytime soon. we're starting to go the other way now. 37 tonight in d.c. 49 tomorrow at noon. it will be cool. 52 is the high, but once again, with the winds gusting upwards of 15, 20, 25 miles per hour, tomorrow will be a chilly afternoon, and tomorrow night,
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tonight. temperatures only in the 40s to the west. 50s in the city, and over the next couple days, showing you what's happening here. 40s, 49 on sunday. that's coming with plenty of cloud cover. 52 on monday. a good chance of rain on tuesday, and this is a system we're going to have to watch, if enough cold air is here, we might see flakes in the northern zones, but i want to show you what's happening back here, friday, saturday, sunday. very cold air. thol be watching the first real actic outbreak, but this weekend, not bad. 52 on saturday. if you're thinking of getting out there doing the tree on sunday, i'm getting mine on sunday, 40 degrees 9:00 a.m. by noon, around 45 degrees, going up to 49. a chilly sunday, but not all that bad. again, this time of year, about what we expect. amelia draper will talk more about the storm on tuesday and how much rain we may get. >> there are new details in the
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found on thanksgiving day after she was held and tortured for weeks. well, some are saying there are clues in the case that suggest there is a chilling motive behind that abduction. >> i'm darcy spencer in laurel where new body camera videos show police shooting and wounding a burglary suspect. why a grand jury declined to indict the officer. >> it's a sewer system overtaxed and out of date. spilling millions of gallons of sewage into the why neighbors are worried that
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our top stories right now at 5:30, an intruder who forced his way into a culpepper home is killed with his own gun. after a struggle, the homeowner was able to take control of the weapon and use it against him. >> and congress is not happy about a recent report suggesting that metro track inspectors outside the east falls metro station where a silver line train derailment occurs this summer. some people say those people ought to lose those jobs. first at 5:30, new concerns are surfacing for people living around one of the most anticipated new attractions in our region. >> neighbors near the mgm national harbor say issues with sewage could get worse for them when the casino opens next week. our bureau chief tracee wilkins
5:31 pm
infrastructure stories. since 2012, the people who live in southern prince george's county have been waiting for the completion of their sewer upgrade. the project was supposed to be complete before the opening of the mgm. now, they're saying the sewer system won't be done for another four years. and when it rains, really hard there, many residents are literally smelling the effects of the delay. >> this is broad creek, and down
5:32 pm
developments. the national harbor was approved before the prohibition. and mgm was approved because they expected to have the sewer system upgraded by the opening of the casino. but now, those improvements have been pushed back to 2020. >> what we wanted was wssc to step up to the plate and admit that they couldn't handle the sewage and to correct the problem. >> gary is wssc's chief engineer. >> you're ng there's not an overflow. would you swim in it? >> i would swim in it. i wouldn't drink it. >> wssc is well aware of the issue. they were sued for the sewage overflow by the justice department on behalf of the epa in 2004. they have been working since to correct the problem. >> the rain gets into the sewers, and then once that's in there, it's like sewage because it's a liquid coming down the pipe. the sewage is a liquid coming
5:33 pm
that on a regular day, there are no problems with this sewer system. it's actually under capacity, but when it rains, that's when they have the issues. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, wssc explains why it's taken so long to complete this project, and they tell us what they would say if national harbor and mgm would propose for construction today. >> interesting. thank you. bumping ride for some drivers on 295 today. take a look at all the debris in by because of this. the road is clear now, and all the lanes are open. >> we're getting a look at video of a police shooting in laurel. the police officer shot an unarmed man while investigating a possible burglary at a grocery store. he survived. police are calling the shooting unintentional and the officer is not being charged. darcy spencer live in laurel with reaction to this video.
5:34 pm
this market here in laurel. now, police are saying that this was accidental. the officer cleared by a grand jury, but the suspect's attorney says this shooting was not justified. >> anybody in there? come out now with your hands up. >> the body camera video shows laurel police on the hunt for burglary suspect last april. they found one suspect, a teenager, and tasered him. but they still nee building. the english market food store on fourth street. one officer, a 17-year veteran, pulls open a door. and fires a single shot. the officer would later say accidentally. he had been startled. >> are you hit? >> the officer frantically pulled the man out of the building and searches for a bullet wound. the suspect, 20-year-old rashon kirby, had been shot in the back. the video is among the evidence presented to a grand jury late
5:35 pm
charges. >> the grand jury in this case declined to indict the officer for his actions. so we moved forward then and sent a letter to the laurel police department letting them know that based on the grand jury's actions, we would not be prosecuting the officer. >> kirby survived the shooting and was charged with burglary. his attorney told news 4 police were not justified in using deadly force. patrick says based upon the video and given the fact that mr. keea obvious threat to the officer, we find it troubling and disturbing that there was no indictment. laurel police said in a statement back in april that the unnamed officer is a s.w.a.t. team member and firearms instructor. the department explained the officer saw movement in the dark when he opened the door. that's when he got startled, jumped back, and his gun went off. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, how this shooting may change laurel police department policy and
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needs to happen next in this case. wendy, back to you. >> darcy spencer. new details emrnling about the bizarre kidnapping of a northern california mother. sherri papini was out jogging by her home when she was taken by two spanish speaking women. police say she was branded and tortured by her captors who kept their faces covered in the three-week ordeal. nbc news has talked to experts who say this case has classic signs of human sex to stay alert until the kidnappers are caught. >> we do not know if she was a specific target or if this was a random abduction. >> that's the number one thing we look for in a traffic victim, is a brand. >> papini was found on thanksgiving day. she was taken from an area known as the emerald triangle, which is a hotbed for the drug cartels. >> in prince george's county, a nigh place for cancer patients
5:37 pm
disease. hope connections is designed and furnished to feel like home, to make people feel comfortable. it's run by a nonprofit based in bethesda. it offers educational workshops and mind body exercises all free of charge. >> we're a community of support, so it's not so much about the programs, although they're very valuable. it's really about bringing people together so that they are not isolated. they don't feel so al that they're really with people who understand what they're going through. >> the 3,000-square-foot space is located near the new carrollton metro station. some are noticing rainbow flags going up in chevy chase d.c. neighborhood. >> this is the new neighborhood of the vice president-elect, mike pence, so we went there to see how neighbors are feeling about the new family in town. >> tis the season to be jolly.
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pence getting a colorful welcome from his new neighbors. >> they're in chevy chase, bk, and pence moved into a house there last week. now, many neighbors are putting
5:41 pm
pence is known for being an opponent of some gay rights. >> we want to send him a friendly message, but a really important message, that we disagree with pretty much all of his policies and the one we wanted to focus on is gay rights. >> pence will only be living in this house until he takes office. after that, he'll move to the national observatory. >> okay, move over, pokemon go. app in town, and it's from the white house. it's called 1600, in reference to the washington address 1600 pennsylvania avenue. when users focus on a $1 bill, it focuses on george washington's face and builds a tiny interactive white house. you can also watch events like the annual easter egg roll. >> more families will stay warm this winter thanks to your
5:42 pm
so far. it was in northern virginia at the salvation army's dell ray area. >> earlier this week, we told you about the man behind the big mac passing away. now, the chef who created general tsao's chicken is no longer with us as well. >> the chef first made the general's chicken back in the '50s when he was working as a chef government. a u.s. navy admiral visited taiwan back in the 1950s. that admiral asked the chef was the dish was called. on the spot, he said -- >> because you never know how to say it. is it either general tsao or general chow's chicken. i have heard it both ways. he later moved to new york city and opened a restaurant in 1973.
5:43 pm
guy. so there. >> a remarkable story of survival emerged this week after a relentless wildfire broke out in tennessee. how a couple who was together for decades just barely escaped the flames. >> postal workers are trying to make sure they keep themselves
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
the holidays can we risky for u.s. postal workers because
5:46 pm
around. thieve see them as easy targets. just a few days ago, a local carrier was assaulted and robbed. derrick ward is live in northeast with what's being done to keep these people safe. derrick. >> yeah, and you know, this year, they're expected to deliver 16 billion pieces of mail. that's cards, letters, and 750 million packages. now, with that increased volume comes some increased concns what happened this past weekend. it's that time of year when they get busies, especially with the advenlt on online shopping. the loads increase and so do the responsibilities. >> the main concern is to stay safe. >> this past weekend, a letter carrier was attacked and robbed of his mail and personal belongings. police are looking for these two men in connection with that robbery. it's an all too real concern, especially this time of year. >> we all have to be mindful of our surroundings and know exactly what to do to keep
5:47 pm
measures. some you can see, some you can't. at the start of each day's rounds, these men and women are schooled on what they need to look out for, what to do if there's a threat. incidents are rare, but anyone like this past weekend, is enough to make them step up the individualance. >> every morning as soon as we get to the building and before we leave to go to the street. >> police are still looking to make an arrest in this past weekend's attack. they hope they don't have to deal with ahi we're live in northeast. back to you. >> all right. thank you, derrick. right now, the number of people confirmed dead from the tennessee wildfires is at 13. this as many property owners begin to get their first look at the damage to their houses. state officials there say the flames damaged or destroyed at least 1,000 structures in and around gatlinburg this week. one couple in their 80s made an incredible effort to escape after the fire spread to their
5:48 pm
road. and so i didn't know of another way to get down from where we were easy, so just cover your mouth and run straight through it. >> the fire's exact cause is still under investigation. but the national park service says it was sparked by human activity. >> are they going to get more rain there, amelia, so they can -- so they don'tve being likely on tuesday, that's still coming from tennessee. there wul be rain here. back here for the weekend, first weekend in december, we're talking about highs kind of around 50 degrees. pretty normal for this time of year. it is going to be breezy again tomorrow. a cool weekend. breezy saturday. and then there you see it, rain is likely on tuesday. we need the rain here in our area. and after tuesday, as we look toward the end of next week, around december 9th, december 10th, you probably have your
5:49 pm
it's going to be cold. highs in the upper 30s. wait until you see the number on the ten-day. right now, we're still tracking blustery conditions outside. winds gusting anywhere from about 15 to 25 miles across the area, including wind gusts here in washington. right around 25. our weather underground network of temperatures in the low to mid 40s already. it's 45 degrees in riverdale. 42 out in potomac, and 43 in leesburg. a few clouds out there tonight, but throughout the day tomorr, for your saturday. we start off around 37. by lunchtime, only in the upper 40s and a high tomorrow of 52. kind of similar to today with the breeze as well throughout the day tomorrow. tomorrow evening, it's chilly, but it's dry and around 44 at 7:00. here's a look at the weekend outlook. the weather having a pretty low impact on your weekend. outdoor exercise, chilly but perfect this time of year with a couple layers. if you're getting the tree, you
5:50 pm
because the winds won't be an issue on sunday. if you're hanging the lights, the chill will set in. you want the hats and gloves. going to the holiday parties this evening and tomorrow night, looking dry for that. good travel weather. on sunday, a high of honey 49. monday, high of 52. kind of normal for this time of year. tuesday, though, look. here's the rain. a 70% chance we're getting rain. highs in the 40s, so kind of a chilly and raw day on tuesday. winds, thursday, we're around 50 de friday, a high temperature of 39 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. the coldest it's been since february, and it will be blustery at times. when you factor in the wind friday and saturday, we'll feel like we're in the teens and 20s. and it looks like this cold pattern is going to stick around, maybe for the majority of december. saturday, you see a high of only 38. sunday, a high around 40. as you look to next monday, high temperatures in the low 40s.
5:51 pm
a husband and wife attacked people at the san bernardino county health center. the community is honoring those victims with a bike ride today. they're riding one mile for each of the 14 victims killed in the mass shooting. as jane tells us, one of the first responders at the shooting that day organized today's memorial ride. >> more than 100 cyclists took off on seventh street in front of the san bernardino police department. everyone with a different reaon >> this is just a tiny step for all those victims that are still hurting. >> the victims and our first responders. >> i don't want people to forget this. >> for amell, this ride is personal. >> it's personal to me because i was there with the victims. so that was probably the most difficult part of this whole thing. >> a 25-year veteran on the san bernardino police force, is a sergeant in the robbery homicide division. he was one of the first responders of the mass shooting
5:52 pm
and basically found a lot of people down, a lot of screaming, a lot of crying. >> i thought about this every day since. >> he organized the ride to remember the people who died, and those who survived. >> important to stay vigilant. >> 14 victims who lost their lives that day. 22 who were wounded. >> in their memory, riders went on a 14-mile ride, one mile representing every person killed and 22 kilometers for the 22 people >> when we're together, we can all be supportive and be united and therefore not give in to fear and to hate. >> tim woo joined in the ride, passing six different agencies from fire stations to the sheriff's department, responding to the terror attack. they also went past the street where police opened fire, killing the couple that forever changed this community. >> i don't think that this community has recovered yet. events today culminate with a multi-faith memorial tonight.
5:53 pm
reporting. >> the building where the attack occurs is still closed and is being remodels. >> nbc 4 is working for you and the xupt. the next all-state community shred is tomorrow morning set for 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. at rfk stadium in parking lot a. your car must be in line by 10:45 in order to be served. shredding is the easiest way to prevent identity theft, so bring your old bank statements and other private documents. there's a car. more information is on our nbc washington app. just search shred it. >> 'tis the season for water skiing santas. santa -- or jet skiing santas. santa and his elves abandoned the traditional sleigh. this is in the delaware river in new jersey today where they're having a good time. we have a water skiing santa. >> exactly. with rain gear, a grinch. >> they know how to do it. they actually get in and on the
5:54 pm
christmas tree up yet, maybe you're doing it this weekend. we want to know if your tree is real, if it's artificial, do you have one? vote now on our nbc washington facebook page. so far, most of you say you have an artificial tree that is safer and easier to clean up. >> all new, coming up at 6:00 tonight, a maryland business looking to expand just days before a new casino opens down at national harbor. >> this time, they have their sights set on spain.
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covering northern virginia tonight, we're working to learn more about this house fire in arlington this morning. it happened here on first road south near route 50 and south fillmore street. fire officials tell us the blaze began in the basement. no word on the exact cause. >> rescuers pulled a woman from the rubble of this building collapse in sioux falls, debris for about three hours. she's doing well tonight with only leg injuries. crews are looking for a construction worker who is also still trapped. >> from teasing to tests. middle schoolers don't always have it easy. dozens of local girls got together today for an empowerment panel. their goal, to put a stop to the negativity and stand up for one another. amy cho has our story. >> people need to learn how to
5:58 pm
sharing a pearl of wisdom. she's one of the 50 middle school girls who gathered today to talk bullying, body image, and being themselves. >> we looked at magazines and how they were all photo shopped and how nobody actually looks like that. >> there to help out, high schoolers who could relate all too well. >> i went through a lot in middle school. i think it's good to help people and talk about problems we had or what we saw to help their experiences be easier. >> they also should have girls' backs. >> since we know how hard it is to be a girl, it doesn't make any sense to me why we would be putting other girls down when we should be lifting them up. >> and of course, they talked boys. >> still going to be annoying. >> not to the same extent. everybody is going to lessen a little bit. >> the girls also made identity masks where they wrote traits they're proud of. one girl wrote confident,
5:59 pm
mask. >> this is a really great opportunity for girls our ages. i'm so excited to be a part of this. >> everyone is like perfectly imperfect. you know what i mean? >> for these young girls, it was the perfect message. in the district, amy cho, news 4. >> first at 6:00, some familiar faces have been going to the gilded powers of trump tower. >> and we saw chris christie leaving a short time job of rnc chair. >> democrats are always raising concernsunts mr. trump's newest cabinet pick, james mattis. brian joins us with the latest. >> the next president kicked off his thank you tour in ohio with a rally that featured some familiar themes. president-elect trump back out on the road next week in his tour de force performance in
6:00 pm
>> we spend too much time focusing on what divides us. >> he whipsawed between conciliatory and confrontational. >> remember, you cannot get to 270. dishonest press. >> and though he won, he still sounded a lot like he was still running. he apparently stunned his own transition team by pre-announcing his choice of general james mattis as defense secretary. >> we're not announcing it until monday so marine. >> his nomination is probably striking fear into the hearts of many of america's potential adversaries. >> but the general retired in 2013, and a federal law requires a seven-year wait between active duty and deployment as defense secretary. congress would have to pass a waiver. >> this is part of the fabric of america. the civilian control of our military. >> meanwhile, good news for the obama administration is good


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